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Rope Encoder 2500 Pulses P/R linear Wire Encoder Automatic Control Measurement YMRZM Series

Model: YMRZM-2500BZ-C12-24


Automatic control, control of transport vehicles, robot, X-Y labor, printing, fork truck, CNC tooling machine and etc.  



Linear wire encoder Feature:

1. compact size, rugged construction, easy to install

2. economiccost, and cost savings for customers

3. Various signals output optional: push-pull, TTL, open collectorand so on

4. The cylinders, testing machines and other industry has achieved large-scale applications, reliability 

Linear wire encoder Application:

the draw wire displacement sensor is widely used in synchronous jacking, engineering and construction, hydraulic cylinders, lifting machinery and precision instruments industry, is launching add a stainless steel shell, waterproof, dustproof, anti-mud increasedthe degree of protection of the displacement sensor, suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Linear wire encoder Dimension:

Technical Parameter

Sensor Type Incremental linear Encoder
Wire Rope 0.6mm high flexible imported plastic coated wire rope
Output Model Open Collector / Push-Pull / Line Drive/ Voltage Output
Measuring Range 0-1000mm
Switching Circuit N/A
Zero-point and Full-scales N/A
Linear Accuracy 0.05%FS
Repeatability Accuracy 0.01%
Reasolution(mm) 0.1/ 0.05 / 0.04 / 0.02/0.008
Max.Reciprocating Speed 1000m/s
Reciprocating Frequence 50Hz (See Reciprocating Amplitude)
Frequency Response 100kHz-300kHz
Power Based on Output
Operating Voltage Based on Output
Wire Extension Force 4N
Weight(kg) 0.45
Operating Temperature -30℃-90℃
Life >10 million times
Vibration Resistance 10Hz-1500Hz 10G
Cable Length Optional
Housing Material Imported aluminium alloy,oxidation surface treating,wear and corrosion prevention
Protection Class IP54(Standard) IP65

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