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Original Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoder HES-01-2M

Model: HES-01-2M

Product Description:

The Hollow Shaft Encoder is a high-precision feedback device that provides accurate and reliable information on the speed and position of rotating shafts. With its hollow shaft design, this encoder is ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including robotics, automation, and packaging.



- High-precision feedback on the speed and position of rotating shafts

- Hollow shaft design for easy installation and maintenance

- Robust construction for long-lasting performance

- Wide range of resolutions and output options

- Suitable for a wide range of applications



- Improves machine performance and efficiency

- Reduces downtime and maintenance costs

- Ensures safety for employees and equipment

- Increases productivity and profitability

- Provides real-time data for informed decision-making



- Robotics and automation systems

- Packaging and labeling equipment

- Conveyors and material handling systems

- Medical equipment

- And more!


Upgrade your business and take control of your operations with the Hollow Shaft Encoder. Our high-precision feedback device is designed to provide accurate and reliable information on the speed and position of rotating shafts, ensuring that your machines operate at peak performance. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of Hollow Shaft Encoder solutions.

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