LR2 series electric motor shaft flexible plastic quick rubber coupling

LR2 series electric motor shaft flexible plastic quick rubber coupling

Flexible couplings are usually cut from a metal wire rod made of commonly used materials are aluminum, stainless steel, engineering plastics. Flexible coupling using a parallel or helical grooving system to adapt to a variety of bias and precision torque transmission. Flexible couplings usually have good performance and price advantage, and in many stepper, servo system, the practical application, elastic coupling is the preferred product. One-piece design allows flexible couplings to achieve a zero gap torque transmission and without maintenance
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1.Industry plastics is more flexible and bearing

2.Little torque coupling with high dependability

The stepped radial slot design of the YUMO coupling provides a product that combines the high torsional stiffness of a straight beam coupling with the lateral flexibility of its helical counterpart.

YUMO coupling is moulded from a plastic capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150°C. This provides economic advantage to the customer and gives the coupling a low inertia which, combined with its other performance characteristics, makes it ideal for driving encoders and for applications that require electrical isolation and corrosion resistance


* Single or double plate springs, optional to customer.

* Zero backlash.

* Excellent response and high torque capacity.

* Identical clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational characteristics.

* One-piece metallic spring coupling, 2 screws for clamping.

* For servomotor, step motor connection.

* Material: Engineering plastics

* M: The hole dia. Of the encoder end. N: The hole dia. Of the user end.

* D and L can be defined by user; Standard: Outside D=40mm, length=50mm.

* Diameter of hollow shaft can be defined by user; Standard hole 6mm, 8mm.

* Torque<25.0Nm, the axial degree <0.5mm, the corner setover<1 degree.

* Extensive application.

Plasic Flexible Coupling Coupler,.jpg



Model D L d1 d2 Shaft Dia. L3 M Tighten torque(N.m)
LR2-S-14 22/XX/XX 14 22 4 3.2 3 0.7
LR2-S-16 22/XX/XX 16 22 6 3.2 3 0.7

Model Rated torque(N.m) Max torque(N.m) Max speed(rpm) Angular deviation(ºC) Weight(g)
LR2-S-14 22/XX/XX 0.6 1.2 6000 3 3
LR2-S-16 22/XX/XX 0.8 1.6 6000 3 4

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