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Happy The National Day

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-19
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YUMO wishes everyone have a good time in The National Day

    Every Chinese will not forget, and should not forget, every October 1st is the birthday of our motherland. On October 1, 1949, new China was officially born. From then on, we opened the door of the new world and ushered in a new and vast world.

    Living in a new era of rapid and convenient changes, it is particularly easy for us to ignore that the life we have now is not easy.
    On national day, various countries hold different forms of celebration activities to strengthen the patriotic consciousness of their people and enhance the cohesion of the country. All countries should also express their congratulations to each other. Every five or ten-year national day, some even need to expand the scale of celebration. In order to celebrate National Day, governments of various countries usually hold a National Day reception, which is presided over by the head of state, head of government or foreign minister, and foreign envoys and other important foreign guests stationed in the area are invited to attend.

Happy birthday, YUMO
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